About Me

My experience is varied; as a Childrens Guardian, I represented the child and undertook
investigations, that enabled me to advise the court on what was best for the child and what orders the court should consider. As a Family Court Advisor, employed by Cafcass, I undertook assessments involving all the parties in the proceedings and spoke to each of them individually, in that way again was able to advise the court of the orders they should consider.

By working with Cafcass, I am able to help you understand how they come to their conclusions, but also help you to challenge effectively if you think they are making recommendations you do not agree with. I will also be able to help you prepare for your involvement with them from their initial phone call, to their final report.

I have worked within Childrens Services for over 20 years in roles from social worker, to senior management. As a result of this I have significant knowledge of the court and their roles. I have given evidence in family hearings on over 100 occasions and have a good a good understanding into the questions solicitors, barristers and the court themselves ask. In addition, I have undertaken parenting assessments and section 7 reports. The advantage to you will be that I can identify strengths and weaknesses in a report and provide advice to you as to your response.

I am also a Relate trained counsellor and have counselled over 2000 couples and individuals who have experienced relationship issues. This gives me an understanding of the reasons for conflict between parents and enables me to resolve some difference between parents without the assistance of the court.

I have attended courses on Parental Alienation and have a good understanding of the effect this has on children. I can assist you in enabling the court to recognise the indicators of Parental alienation, and therefore they can act on it.

Most importantly, I am child focused and therefore would not give you advice that will not be in the child’s interest. If after discussion, I feel you are making an unreasonable application, I will tell you and hope that we could make a different proposal that will help your child and yourself.

The law is clear in cases of children, a child will benefit from a relationship with both parents unless it is not safe, you have a right to have a relationship with your child and they have a right to have a relationship with you. However sometimes the court do not have the right information or are unaware that some things reported are not true. In these cases any challenges need to be measured, concise and focused, and for that you may need assistance.